National Archaeology Museum in Cancun, Mexico

National Archaeology Museum in Cancun, Mexico

The new Archaeology National Museum in Cancun, Mexico from INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico), is being built on the campus Palmar Cinco, next to San Miguelito archaeological site, located at kilometer 16, in front of El Mirador, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun, within Cancun Hotel Zone.

The site has an area of 17,996 square meters, of which 1,656 will be devoted to the new museum, which will consist of two modules: one containing information and parts of Mesoamerica, and will be access to the second module, dedicated to the Mayan culture. For the module of the Maya, INAH delegation to the form of Mesoamerica, the National Museum of Archaeology at INAH will provide the necessary pieces.

The building will also have room for temporary exhibitions, an auditorium, educational service area, Bureau of National Institute of Anthropology and History, health, tequilas, parking, patio, etc.

With this new museum, Cancun will increase its attractions for those who come to spend their vacation in Cancun and enjoy the history and archeology. Also act as an incentive for visitors to go to the most important archaeological sites in Quintana Roo and Yucatan, and new generations will learn more about the Mayan culture. INAH  indicates that part of the Convention Center in the heart of Cancun Hotel Zone, which was the former museum and  closed since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma. The objects exhibited were found during archaeological investigations and excavations of the INAH in the Yucatan Peninsula and the best-known archaeological areas north of the state, such as El Rey, El Meco, Coba and Tulum, Dzibanché, Kohunlich, The Slip, Tankah, Xelhá, Xcaret, Cozumel and Punta Piedra. These collections were composed of ceramic, stone, clay and stone sculptures and steles finely carved.

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